Welcome to the Coryell County Rainbow Room!

Our purpose is to protect abused and neglected children in Coryell County by providing an emergency resource center. Often children rescued from horrendous circumstances seldom have time to gather any of their familiar treasures. These neglected and abused children go with adults they do not know and enter a safe but strange place scared, confused, and not knowing what is going to happen next. The comfort items supplied by the Coryell County Rainbow Room such as new toys, books, clothing, blankets, etc., offer a feeling of security and comfort to our area children in need. Many of our children are picked up in the middle of the night with only clothes on their backs. It is not uncommon for children to spend the night in the Coryell County Child Protective Services office. We attempt to promote, sponsor, and encourage activities that will benefit these children. The Coryell County Rainbow Room is available to the Child Protective Services 24 hours a day.

The most basic needs of abused and neglected children are often unavailable, and caseworkers typically cannot provide the necessities from their personal resources.  With the introduction of the Rainbow Room, assistance with basic needs becomes available.  This is instrumental in keeping families together through traumatic times and can be equally critical in developing a helping relationship between workers and client families.  We try to meet the needs to make a child’s life better.  A teddy bear goes a long way in helping a scared child feel secure.

Why the rainbow?



The color of the rainbow represents the wide spectrum of cultures, races, and emergency needs of the children and their families served by the Coryell County Child Protective Services. The continuous bands of color represent the public and private partnership developed to meet these emergency needs while working towards the common goal of preserving the family unit and breaking the cycle of child abuse in our community.